One rainy afternoon not long ago, I realized I was bored. In my otherwise happy retirement years, my life had become too predictable, too comfortable. I needed to shake things up.

So — after doing lots of research and totally upending my life in Texas — I moved to Italy. At age 65. Alone. It may be the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

I return to Austin for occasional visits with family and friends and to overindulge in my favorite Tex-Mex dishes. Any other time, you can find me Retired In Italy!



How To

How To

It’s a world that is wildly different from my native Texas home, but that’s why I love it! Here are some tips on how you can get (and stay) here happily.

Learning Italian (!)

Despite what anti-aging pundits say about the value of learning a new language, please know that there are easier ways of keeping your mind sharp as you get older. Try learning rocket science, or brain surgery, or quantum physics instead.        

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I’m a 68-year-old Texan beginning my third year as a resident of Florence, Italy. I’ve left behind three of my favorite people: my daughter, Suzy; my sister, Carolyn; and my sweet Labradoodle, Alfie. Are you planning a similar interruption to your life? If so, send me a note. Let’s swap stories! Better yet, come to Florence, … Continue reading Contact Me